Positively 4th Grade

Written by  on March 27, 2020


Hey Everybody! Those of every age
how about some free poetry
A few lines of generic rhyme
Written down so all can see


Now is the time
We can be a poem or a tree
Both are grown from this Good Earth
Blooming honestly


St. Stephen Dedalus
With an Irish rose
Out to his mother’s garden he goes
Humming that tune heard deep inside
Music only his heart and Heaven knows


It’s useless to judge
Idealize, idolize, or compare
Nudge someone, compassionately now
We all have some Love to spare


When we share our respect
For every song and every dance
We find it senseless to pretend
And ridiculous to hide
When we have humility
We don’t need pride


A coupla couplets and some fancy preaching
Won’t change the world, that’s vain reaching
Just as looking backward for truth
Tricks us into missing today’s teaching


Peace is in the balance
Of thought, word, and deed
Forgiveness triumphs over hatred and greed
The dark of night dissolves
Into the dawn of day


Life is a vibration
Going back and forth, a likely relay
Yin and yang, the silent bang
At once inspired and utterly tired
We’re all One poem anyway


Family Home

Written by  on December 5, 2019

A welcoming home wide open,
soothed by breezes breathing free.
Shaded with trees grown wise through the ages.
Illuminated with love learned and taught.
Founded on solid rock, grounded by eternal thought.
All paths lead to this peaceful place.
A destination of refuge, salvation and grace.
Warmed by the hearth, abundant bread.
No one denied entry, no one arrives late
Gently we are guided through the gate
A home built to manifest
self evident truths we hold deep and dear.
Without action or reaction, all is well.
Thirsts quenched and eyes clear.
Each heartbeat pumping life and releasing fear.
From God’s essence we emerge
and in His sacred heart we forever remain.
Our minds expanding with a gentle urge.
Peace and passion supplanting lust.
Agape kisses proving trust.
The floor beneath us drops.
Our feet they hang.
We look up –
the roof is gone.
The roof is gone.
We are directly connected
to the Divine.
Home to the Holy Sound,
Each moment we meditate,
We find yet another way
to release our weight
and carve for ourselves
a finer way to our final fate.
The earth turns with forgiveness.
Axis secure.
In this sacred moment,
paradise flashes.
Every supplication heard,
Every wish granted.
Every pain granted reprieve.
We are divined with our belief.
Inclusion confirmed with inquiry.
Every natural law proving equality
and omnipresent everlasting unity.
This highest view confirms and leaves no doubt.
Knowing with a sweet smile that
We all share a common source
– the Universal Mind.
There is never only me
and there is no other.
We are born of One, both father and mother.
We are returned all that we give.
Unlimited by the love we allow.
Our mind creating magic
always right here and right now
dissolving those lies which make us cry.
Our very thoughts
causes the Earth’s spin and
suspends the sky.
Wherever we focus, expansion.
The closer we look, the more we command.
Be it love we make or tears of regret,
the key to mastery is no secret.
but with righteous reason.
Lighting up the mind merits repeating.
In all ways we measure time. Treasure time.
A repeating chime.
Cyclical. Like desires. Like lack of desire.
Quantum, multidimensional. Revolutionary.
Always we return,
Singing every song with a joyful refrain.
All things possible reign.
Growing again golden grain.
Always we find
our family home resting inside,
never lost and forever free,
sharing the gift of eternity.
Rob Chavez

Food For God

Written by  on February 4, 2019

Hungering for ecstasy?
Urging to merge with the infinite sea?
Right now lives every opportunity
To swim joyfully, ecstatically free
Ask the first person you see with a smile
Contentment rests on a wise face
Listen for truth and let it sow
Being present wins every race
Ask the girl twirling in the air
Making love while fingering her hair
She laughs at lies, fears no crying
Never judges, doesn’t even dare
Ask the boy dancing free
Spinning through space, in relativity
Time bends from inside his soul
Shaping his life with positivity
Ask the old woman, she might know
She has lived her life whole
But still is willing to grow
How to feel good, she says, I’ll tell you how
Live this fine moment right here in the now
What works wonders for me
Is accepting others the best I can
For every woman and every man
Being a loving person is being human
And if in any way I am caught by doubt
I use my love for God to figure it out
I ask for forgiveness and look for connection
I dance to the rock of ecstatic perfection
I read the Good Book
And offer a knowing look
Still I keep my eye peeled
For that internal devil
Prejudiced scales are not on the level
Be a generous and loving neighbor
Create a kind mood
Think of Love as God’s favorite food
We deserve to serve it
Give it away
Offer it humbly,
day after day
The more Love we share
The more God provides
The clearer the picture
The safer all rides
Our Love for each other
Is God’s favorite meal
Rewarded for the feeding
Is the joy that we feel
Rob Chavez

Jesus Smiled

Written by  on January 30, 2019

Jesus came back,
After all of these years.
He appeared in each heart
and smiled.
“Weep no more,”
His smile said.
“Dry each others’ tears.
God’s sacred love
is born in every child.
You can not lose it
and you can not refuse it.
You are made in God’s image,
the light of the world.
Ease your judgments,
release your fears.
The peace you seek
lives within.
Never lost and
always right in your hand.
On the rock of God’s command
you righteously stand.
Providing bounteous bread.
Leavened with love,
made for all to partake.
Granting eternal life
made possible
by the love we make.
Planting ability of mind.
To our vision’s quest
our talents tend.
Healing all pain.
Allowing war to cease
and broken hearts to mend.
Bite your tongue and
dodge the bullets.
The Universe is complete
in a grain of sand.
All cliches in time
come true.
Cast off all doubt, let it go.
Accept the love given freely to you.
Consider yourself in the know.
We all emerge
from the same living star.
You are destined to find this Truth.
You need not look far.
Slow it down a bit.
You’re not going any where.
There really is no “there” to go.
Only here and now.
It matters not
whether you’re aged or child,
safe in your home
or lost in the wild.
Love is who you are.
You need not know how.
This gift of God’s Love
does not dwindle,
no matter the depths you fall
or hatred you kindle.
Never has Love known more.
More can not supplant All.
Nothing changes what I say.
You can bet your life on these stakes.
The universe was created perfect
and remains perfect that way.
God does not make mistakes”
And Jesus smiled,
“Every creature living
on this crust of Earth
is my body and blood.
Accept your salvation
with every breath.
Each day, joyful union,
birth following death.
I mind not any deed you’ve done
or judge any word you say.
Please indulge yourself
and practice this lesson today.
Play with others as if you were me.
Focus on wholeness,
and the love of one another.
Discover the thread that connects.
God’s perfection shines the Truth
all creation reflects.
Growth comes with every step we take,
and each thought passed by our mind.
How often have you thought
you have more than you need?
How often have you thought
it feels good to be kind?
How often have you thought
God wants you to succeed?
How often have you succeeded
in accepting what you find?
The past, a footprint in the dust.
The future, the fruit of our creed.
Here and now is eternal time
to harvest honey.
There is plenty for everyone
and many mouths to feed.
Does a child of God really need
lawyers, guns or money?
Hard lovers and easy riders too,
I wink a nod of approval to you.
It is your respect I wish to earn.
The same applies to all as to others,
Mohammad, the Buddha and I
breathe as brothers.
They have much to teach me
cause I have much to learn.
My message is simple.
You are loved for who you are,
not the illusions you sustain.
As it is written,
we are birthed Imago Dei.
You were created perfect
and perfect you remain.
Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew,
those who are not sure,
atheist and Hindu.
With you I pray and play,
Sing poetry and practice meditation.
Manifesting a Universe safe and pure.
You can choose to criticize
or taste sweet discovery.
Perhaps division leads to decay,
and denying Our Love
makes pain endure.
God wishes you only pleasure.
That is for sure.”
And Jesus smiled,
“The future looks dim for bigotry
and those who spare no expense
on their greed.
Waging war, as sport or game,
may one day make you weep.
Do some men deserve
more than others?
Competition or cooperation,
which focus should we keep?
What reasons are there
to deny our brothers?
Truth does not separate
the treasures we have
from the abundance we think.
Eternal thought is pure,
peaceful waters run deep.
A satisfied man shares
his first and last drink.
Supplied for you all
are miraculous means
and your heart’s beat
measures all ends.
You were born whole and complete.
Your body will return to dust
just like your family and friends.
I reach out my hand to you,
if it’s a hand you need.
But as I told you before,
you are perfect just as you are,
you are grown from God’s seed.
You are the air,
the land and sea.
You are the All to your very core.
You are beautiful as you are born
and remain so evermore.”
And Jesus smiled,
“Have brave and original thought.
Be right here and right now,
alive in the moment.
Tread on fear.
Choose words that allow others heaven.
Reign in your soul,
storm in your brain.
Listen for music
that lightens your day.
Respect your body – perfect but temporary.
Truly a glorious temple
raised with bones by spirit.
You are magnificent creatures
I’ll tell you again and again.
You’ll recognize my voice
every time you hear it,
and pass it on
every time you smile.
My message is always the same.
I wish for you all a lover’s kiss.
Time now to relax a while.”
“You are composed of that holiness
which blesses the stars into view.
The moon, like the sun too,
blooming bright or blue,
is born from the same essence as you.
Rolling with the sky
can consume all that you do.
Rhythmic rhymes sung with compassion
have no need to lie.
Your economy flourishes with your justice.
Material fortune founded on inequity
is withered and rotten.
Your worth is the love
you are willing to give.
Your debts, withholdings misbegotten.
Need does not reckon want.
Satisfaction is simple by deduction.
There is nothing in the past
you need to know.
You come alive
when choosing to
let God’s Love within you grow.
Disease, like well being,
comes and goes,
ebbs and flows like all nature.
It can be strengthened or
or diminished by the mind.
Our job is to heal one another.
Let our tongues speak their passion.
Allow guilt to resign.
Dance righteously
when your feet find their stand.
Being Light in motion
is a blessing for every man.
Sleep under the stars at night.
Regard each other
with abundance in sight.
Live daily as if it were your last.
Remember each day
to forget the past.
Regard yourself well
and without separation.
The chain of love has no missing link.
We are all closer
than our mind can think.
The sum of All is One.
You can figure it out
by figuring out the difference
between what you need to do
and what others should.
Do that which reveals joy.
It manifests wealth.
Do that which feels good.
It manifests health.
If you must resist a temptation,
resist the temptation to judge.
Instead of criticizing,
give others a loving nudge.
Let peace be your passion.
Make charity a priority.
Respect each other
with clarity and sobriety.
You will be rich, happy, wise
and never in the minority”
Jesus offered namaste
and smiled again,
“Take comfort in the knowledge
our hearts entwine forever more.
My blood runs through your veins.
I await for you on every shore.
Remember who you are and
mind not the lies you have been taught.
Think no fear and fear no thought.
God’s Love is alive
every where you look.
The master key for all locks,
written in every book.
Let God guide your sight
and reveal inner wisdom
to allow all that you might.
Meditate on my words but
travel far beyond these lines.
I kiss your face gently
ever the sun shines.
In dark of night
I carry within you
ever lasting light.
Love’s language composes you
and sings your song forever.
God knows all Ways
and is always
willing to deliver.
Sow a spiritual garden.
Tend to the seed.
Focus on ways
by which All is agreed.
The Universe appears as you perceive.
Let go of limitations,
God provides as you believe.
The Truth is yours for the seeing.
Give to others what you would receive.
God’s Love is a present in every being.”
Comments, criticism and hugs welcome.
© 2017 by Rob Chavez

Silent Words

Written by  on January 25, 2019

I have little to say
here I am for you
my lips soften a
for you
and find little use
for words
I’d like to lie a while
with you
seduced by
singing birds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                and silently slip
inside of you

day after day.

Not like other poems

Written by  on January 28, 2018

as a connoisseur

of the kind

and the pure

I hope you’ll appreciate

the scarlet fire

for its percolating motion

spinning on the land

tiptoeing on the ocean

with syncopated heart beats

swaying a rhythm of  sweet devotion



Star Light Within

Written by  on December 24, 2001

Christmas time spirit
Even the deaf can hear it
The glorious sound of angels above
Is no less than God’s heart beating Love
Through every vein
And in every way
Feeding us our daily bread
We barely notice we are being led
To shine like the sun on a beautiful day
Who is this child born Jesus?
He is the Light within us
Raying Love and Forgiveness