God Speed

Written by  on April 6, 2015 

Faster than the speed of Life
is God’s forgiveness of our misgivings


The Speed of Light
is the message
that time is space
eternal and everlasting
you are born star bright, void of lies
the Tao of Peace shines in your eyes


In each of us is the seed of Life
and it is brought to fruition
by our desire to know


Nature has nothing to hide
You have a lifetime to seek
Finding the Truth and letting it go
The game is the same for the strong and the meek


Be not afraid of pleasure
But steer clear of temptation
Allow yourself to love at your leisure
The Love you came from is beyond measure


All in all there is nothing left to do
‘cept smile smile smile
Light up, toss a bum a dime
Bum a song and bum a line
Crank up “He’s Gone” one more time
Freely travel all the while


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