Jesus Smiled

Written by  on March 26, 1997 

Jesus came back,
as promised for years.
He infused every heart
and smiled.
“Weep no more,”
His smile said.
“Dry each other’s tears.
God’s love is born
in every child.


You can never lose it
and you can not refuse it.
You are made in God’s image,
the Light of the World.
Release your judgments,
Ease your fears.


The peace you seek
lives within.
Right in your hand.


On solid rock,
in God’s embrace
you always stand.


Given bounteous bread.
Leavened with love,
baked for all to partake.


Granted eternal life
made possible
by the love we make.


Planted ability of mind.
To our vision’s quest
our talents tend.


Healed of separation,
allowing pain to end
and broken hearts to mend.


Bite your tongue and
dodge the bullets.
The Universe is complete
in a grain of sand.
All clichés in time
come true.


Cast off all doubt, let it go.
Accept this love given freely to you.
Consider yourself in the know.


You are illumined
as a Living Star.
You are destined to find this Truth.
You need not look far.


Slow it down a bit.
You’re not going any where.
There really is no “there” to go.
Only here and now.


It matters not
whether you’re aged or child,
safe in your home
or lost in the wild.
Love is who you are.
You need not know how.


This gift of God’s Love
does not dwindle,
no matter the depths you fall
or hatred you kindle.
Never has Love known more.
More can not supplant All.


Nothing changes what I say.
You can bet your life on these stakes.
The universe was created perfect
and remains perfect that way.
God does not make mistakes”


And Jesus smiled,
“Every creature living
on this crust of Earth
is my body and blood.


Accept your salvation
with every breath.
Each moment, joyful union,
birth following death.


I mind not any deed you’ve done
or judge any word you say.
Please indulge yourself
and practice this lesson today.
Play with others as if you were me.


Focus on wholeness,
and the love of one another.
Discover the thread that connects.
God’s perfection shines the Truth
all of creation reflects.


Growth comes with every step we take,
and each thought passed by our mind.


How often have you thought
you have more than you need?


How often have you thought
it feels good to be kind?


How often have you thought
God wants you to succeed?


How often have you succeeded
in accepting what you find?


The past, a footprint in the dust.
The future, the fruit of our creed.
Here and now is eternal time
to harvest honey.
There is plenty for everyone
and plenty of mouths to feed.
Does a child of God really need
lawyers, guns or money?


Hard lovers and easy riders too,
I wink a nod of approval to you.
It is your respect I wish to earn.
The same applies to any others,
Mohammad, the Buddha and I
breathe as brothers.
They have much to teach me
cause I have much to learn.


My message is simple.
You are loved for who you are,
not the illusions you sustain.


As it is written,
we are born Imago Dei.


You were created perfect
and perfect you remain.


Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew,
those who are not sure,
atheist and Hindu.
With you I pray and play,
Sing poetry and practice meditation.
Manifesting a Universe safe and pure.


You can choose to criticize
or taste sweet discovery.
Perhaps division leads to decay,
and denying Our Love
makes pain endure.
God wishes you only pleasure.
That is for sure.”


And Jesus smiled,
“The future looks dim for bigotry
and those who spare no expense
on their greed.
Do some men deserve
more than others?


Competition or cooperation,
which focus should we keep?
What reasons are there
to deny our brothers?


Truth does not separate
the treasures we have
from the abundance we think.
Eternal thought is pure,
peaceful waters run deep.
A satisfied man shares
his first and last drink.


Supplied for you are miraculous means
and your heart’s beat
measures all ends.
You were born whole and complete.
I reach out my hand to you,
if it’s a hand you need.
But as I told you before,
you are perfect just as you are,
you are grown from God’s seed.


You are the air,
the land and sea.
You are the All to your very core.
You are beautiful as you are born
and remain so evermore.”


And Jesus smiled,
“Have brave and original thought.
Tread on fear.
Choose words that allow others heaven.
Reign in your soul,
storm in your brain.
Listen for music
that lightens your day.


Respect your body – perfect but temporary.
Truly a glorious temple
raised with bones by spirit.
You are magnificent creatures
I’ll tell you again and again.
You’ll recognize my voice
every time you hear it,
and pass it on
every time you smile.
My message is always the same.
I wish for you a lover’s kiss
and plenty of time to relax a while.”


“You are composed of that holiness
which blesses the stars into view.


The moon,
blooming bright or blue,
is formed from the same essence as you.
Rolling with the sky
until the day is new.


Rhythm and rhymes, songs of compassion
builds strength on which we rely.
Value grows when justice prevails, 
smile on each other without asking why.


Material fortune gamed by taking
is withered and rotten.
Your worth is the love
you are willing to give.
Your debts, holdings misbegotten.


Need does not reckon want.
Satisfaction is simple by deduction.
There is nothing in the past
you need to know.
You come alive
by letting God’s Love
within you grow.


Disease, as well as well being,
comes and goes,
ebbs and flows
like all nature.
Both can be strengthened
or diminished
by the will of the mind.
Our job is to heal one another,
Let our tongues speak their passion.
Testify to truth, allow guilt to resign.


Dance righteously
when your feet find their stand.
Being Light in motion
is a blessing for every man.


Sleep under the stars at night.
Regard each other
with abundance in sight.


Live daily as if it were your last.
Remember each day
to forget the past.


Regard yourself well
and without separation.
The chain of love has no missing link.
Our bond is closer
than our mind can think.


Do that which reveals joy.
It manifests wealth.


Do that which feels good.
It manifests health.


If you must resist a temptation,
resist the temptation to judge.


Instead of criticizing,
give others a loving nudge.


Let peace be your passion.
Make charity a priority.
Respect each other
with clarity and sobriety.
You will be rich, happy, wise
and never in the minority”


Jesus offered namaste
and smiled again,
“Take comfort in the knowledge
our hearts entwine forevermore.
My blood runs through your veins.
I wait for you at every door.


Remember who you are and
mind not the lies you have been taught.
Think no fear and fear no thought.


God’s Love is alive
where  ever you look.
The master key for all locks,
as written in every book.


Let God guide your sight
revealing true wisdom
allowing you to live right.


Meditate on my words but
travel far beyond these lines.
I kiss your face gently
as the sun shines.
In the darkest of night
I guide within you
with an ever lasting light.


Love’s language composes you
and sings your song forever.
God knows all Ways
and is always
willing to deliver.


Sow a spiritual garden.
Tend to the seed.
Focus on ways
by which All is agreed.


The Universe provides as you believe.
This Truth is yours for the seeing.
Give to others what you would receive.
God’s Love is present in every being.”


Comments, criticism and hugs welcome.


© 2017 by Rob Chavez



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