Family Home

Written by  on February 23, 2019 

A welcoming home wide open,
soothed by breezes breathing free.
Shaded from trees grown wise through the ages.
Illuminated with love learned and taught.
Founded on solid rock, grounded by thought.


All paths lead to this peaceful place.
A destination of refuge, salvation and grace.
Warmed by the hearth, abundant bread.
No one denied entry, no one arrives late
Gently we are guided through the garden gate.


Manifesting this very moment
self evident truths we hold so dear.
Without action or reaction, all is well.
Our eyes see present and clear.
Each heartbeat releasing fear.


From God’s essence we emerge
and in His sacred heart we remain.
Our mind breathing deep.
Peace and passion supplanting lust.
Agape kisses sealing trust.


The floor beneath us drops.
Our feet they hang.
We look up –
the roof is gone.


The roof is gone.
We are directly connected
to the Divine.


Home to the Holy Sound,
Each time we meditate,
We find a finer way
to release our weight
and set in motion
our immaculate fate.


The earth turns with forgiveness.
Axis secure.
In each sacred moment,
paradise flashes.
Every supplication granted.


This family home belongs to all,
providing freedom and choice.
Brotherhood shared by secure belief.
Inclusion evident with every inquiry.
Natural law proving equality
and omnipresent everlasting unity.


Love is our true home
Somehow we know
and have no doubt.
With each sweet smile,
We sense our common source
– the Universal Mind.


There is never only me
and my shadow is cast from no other.
There is only one sun born from one mother.


All that we give is returned in an instant.
As ever our love allows.
Our minds create magic
right here and right now
dissolving the lies that make us cry.
Our very thoughts
causes the Earth to spin
and suspends the sky.


Wherever we focus, expansion.
Be it love we make or tears of regret,
the key to mastery is no secret.


Perhaps, but with righteous intent.
Lighting up the mind merits repeating.
In this way we measure time.
The sacred sound, a repeating chime.
Cyclical. Like desires. Like lack of desire.
Quantum, multidimensional. Revolutionary.


We find our family home
in this moment as in the first.
All things possible reign.
Floods and fires now past.
Golden grain growing
from each grain of sand
for eternity as our love lasts.


Rob Chavez

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