Peaced Together

Written by  on November 23, 2005 

Like a puzzle it was
Pieced together by a feeling
Falling into place
Peacefully unfolding
Freeing and redeeming
But mostly fun

Down the rabbit hole and over the rainbow
Clouds formed gently upon thoughts sky high
There is no need to lie
and no need to steal
Once you realize it’s all yours to reveal

Rob Chavez lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his partner Rich. He makes a living as a computer security engineer and likes hanging out with Rich at their cozy home, listening to classic rock music – particularly the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead families, dancing, watching movies, writing poetry, studying metaphysics, spending quiet nights observing the heavens and smiling.

Category : Food For God


One Response

  1. pennie rose says:

    Hi Rob,
    I’m Pennie. I’m AJ’s wife.
    He wanted me to take a look at your website. I’m sorry that we won’t get to see you at the Christmas party, and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon. Perhaps the four of us can get together after the craziness of the holidays die down at bit. Your poetry is beautiful. You’re very gifted. I hope you have a terrific holiday and a peaceful New Year.
    Take care,