No Time At All / All The Time

Written by  on November 23, 2005

No time to wait
The heart tick tocks


releases the fear
tears open all locks






drum beat open ear

heart tickle

ya late

Miracles Breathe Free

Written by  on November 23, 2005

Miracles breathe free
like the respiration of life
poetry verse and universe true
symmetry and equality
inequality too

Tears of rage and tears of grief
are miracles of human relief
Laughter and ecstasy are reminders
we can feel with divine belief

Chaos and order are the twin brothers
of that miracle we call creation
Alternately dominating and subjugating
Examples of interdependent relation

Miracles are the fingerprint
for the mysteries of fate and fortune
Belly full and beautiful
or singing the blues out of tune

Catch 22, a miraculous catch
Male and female, a miraculous match
A miracle can not be locked up
Like love, it has no latch

Tao Jones

Written by  on November 23, 2005

There are any number of ways
the Truth can show
There is only one way
We go
That way has no direction
There is nothing there to know

Howl at the moon
Howl as you sway
lay down a rhythm, ride a wave
If there were rules against it
It would not be
the way

Oh, no.
Let us not start that game
everything is ambivalent
There is only one

Positively 4th Grade

Written by  on November 23, 2005

Hey Everybody! Those of every age
how about some free poetry
A few lines of generic rhyme
Written down so all can see

Now is the time
Be it a poem or a tree
Both are grown from God’s Earth
Blooming honestly

St. Stephen Daedalus
Dreaming of his mother’s rose
Haunted from the heart he goes
Playing that tune heard deep inside
Music hints at mysteries Heaven knows

It is useless to judge
Idealize, idolize, or compare
Nudge someone, compassionately now
We all have Love to spare

When we use consciously applied respect
For every song and every dance
It is senseless to pretend
And ridiculous to hide
When we have humility
We have no need for pride

A coupla couplets and some fancy preachin
Will not change the world, it is vain reachin
Just as looking backward for truth
Tricks us into missin today’s teachin

Peace is in the balance
of thought, word, and deed
Forgiveness triumphs over hatred and greed
The clear black night celebrates the dawn of day

Life is a vibration
goin back and forth, like a relay
yin and yang, the silent bang
alternately inspired and utterly tired
It is all One poem anyway

Peaced Together

Written by  on November 23, 2005

Like a puzzle it was
Pieced together by a feeling
Falling into place
Peacefully unfolding
Freeing and redeeming
But mostly fun

Down the rabbit hole and over the rainbow
Clouds formed gently upon thoughts sky high
There is no need to lie
and no need to steal
Once you realize it’s all yours to reveal